By applying business intelligence and data-driven insights, INDICATA enables dealerships to improve efficiencies in their used vehicle operations and is key to driving competitive advantage.

The development of the Internet has changed the power struggle between dealers and used car buyers. Consumers can now potentially gain the upper hand as they are increasingly knowledgeable about cars, residual values, prices, finance charges, availabilities and even the profit margin that the dealer makes. Therefore dealerships have to adapt and the most dynamic will manage to turn business intelligence to their advantage.

INDICATA, the global leader in business intelligence and analytics solutions for used car operations to the automotive industry and part of the AUTOROLA Group, today released results of franchised dealership used car departments using the INDICATA platform. These results demonstrate how dealerships can increase significantly business results in their used vehicle business through the application of business intelligence and data-driven insights.

INDICATA is a web based platform that monitors all used cars currently for sale in a market by collecting and analysing live used car market data in real-time from classified websites, OEM websites, dealer websites, used car retailer websites, etc. Engineered for high-performance used vehicle management the solution enables dealers to turn data-driven insights into a competitive advantage and provides them strategic guidance to improve operational efficiencies in their used vehicle operations.

Over a 12-month period in 2015, the performance of dealerships using INDICATA has been analysed. On average, these dealerships realised: Increase of their stock turn by 1.7

5% improvement of average price to market for their inventories 

Gain of 5% market share

16% reduction of overaged vehicles in their stocks

“These remarkable results are fueled by INDICATA’s unique approach to business intelligence.” said Jörg Höhner, Global Managing Director INDICATA at AUTOROLA Group. “Dealers face a rapidly evolving used car market and they need to adapt if they do not wish to be left behind. The key to growth and profitability will be transparency and symmetry of information. Such a symmetrical relationship will presume that buyers and sellers possess the same information.” he added.

“Our mission is to help businesses to successfully operate their used vehicle operations by applying data-driven insights. Unlike other products available, with INDICATA dealers have a real-time system with unique features that provides tangible results, business values and exceptional benefits to the used vehicle departments.

Jörg Höhner said.

Based on the growing value of its products and relationships INDICATA now counts more than 2.500 dealership users as customers throughout Europe. INDICATA is tracking more than 6 million used vehicles every day and therefore covers more than 98 percent of each individual market.

“We achieved impressive growth and a number of important milestones in 2015.” said Jörg Höhner. “We are operating at scale and are poised to transform the dealer landscape in the coming years when we introduce new advanced features and products and launch INDICATA globally.”